A Mother's Goodbye Memorial Candle

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  • 3"x8" Wax Candle
  • Unscented Candle
This elegant unscented, personalized memorial candle is the perfect sympathy gift. Printed on the candle is Ron Tranmer's poem, A Mother's Goodbye and "In loving memory of" and is personalized with the loved one's name and dates.
A Mother’s Goodbye
Bless my children Lord above,
wrap them in Thy tender love.
Keep them safe and free from harm,
until once again they’re in my arms.
My sweet children, I’ll miss you so,
but God called my name, I had to go.
Your loving mother I’ll always be.
You’ll join me one day for eternity.
I’m now at peace, my pain is gone,
I woke up to a brand new dawn.
Throughout your lives, in all you do,
remember forever, I’ll love you!
Delicia Jun 1st 2017

A little disappointed...

I was so excited to receive this for my late grandmother, but when I did, the writing on some areas of the candle were rubbed off...almost like paper had stuck to it and took off the writing. Also, the shipping took incredibly long. If you're ordering for a specific date, order 2 or more wks ahead of time.