About Us

About Remember Me Gifts

When it comes to giving a personalized gift, you want it to be something that will last for years to come as a treasured keepsake. Every time the recipient looks at it or uses it, they will fondly remember you and the special occasion you shared together. Remember Me Gifts makes your gift-giving experience a notch above the generic and ordinary. We offer free personalization with every purchase, quick turnaround times on custom products so you can get your gift in time for the event, and fast shipping for added convenience.

Our Vision

Life is filled with events and milestones that shape us and become memories that will last a lifetime. From baby’s firsts to a young adult’s graduation, weddings that start families, and to the passing of loved ones who will always be cherished in memory, Remember Me Gifts strives to bring special commemoration to these moments that define us and the people who have had a lasting impact in our lives. We want the gifts you give to others to hold extra meaning and help you forge a deeper relationship, and that’s why we are proud to offer quality products with personalized craftsmanship.

Great Customer Service When You Need It

When it comes to personalizing an item, we know you may have questions in order to get the perfect gift just right. We’ve been customizing products for years and our representatives are available to help you make your gift the right fit for the occasion. You can call us, email us, or use our personalization help page to browse commonly asked questions.