Nothing is more treasured than a personalized gift.

Remember Me Gifts mission is to provide unique, custom, and affordable gifts while working closely with every customer to ensure a great buying experience when designing and purchasing keepsake gifts that will last a lifetime.

Having gone through the pain of losing a very close loved one, Ryan and Gina Spring looked around at all of the thoughtful gifts at the funeral home and realized that not one of those gifts were truly personal. They also listened to other family members about wanting something more personal to remember that loved one by. Something that they could cherish forever and keep close to them. Listening to all the wants during this very difficult time and searching for a way to get these items quickly proved to be impossible. Not one store they went to carried anything that could be personalized and everything on the internet was limited to how you could personalize it, not to mention, took weeks to get. Out of this tragic event, Remember Me Gifts was born. Remember Me Gifts is a source for personalized gifts for life changing events. Whether those events are births, marriages, funerals, or anything memorable in between, Remember Me Gifts will provide gifts that last a lifetime.

At Remember Me Gifts, we aim to fill those needs with free personalization, beautiful products and a fast turnaround.We truly value you, our customer, and want you to be completely happy with your gift and encourage you to leave feedback for us so that we can continually improve, offer more products, and be your first choice for personalized gifts. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or general information that you need. We are here to help you.

Ryan and Gina
Remember Me Gifts