Personalization Help

Personalized Gift Help and Answers to your Personalization Questions!

How do I personalize my item?
Simply type the information that you would like to appear on the gift in the personalization fields provided. It is very important that you double check all spellings and dates as we will engrave exactly what you enter. Please know, our site will NOT give you a live preview of your personalization.
Does 'in loving memory' come on the memorial item?
Yes, 'in loving memory' or a sentiment similar is already there so you do not need to enter it.
Can I use special characters?
We strongly suggest that you don't. While some of our fonts work with special characters, many do not and we will delete any character that does not properly show up.
Can I put two names on a memorial item?
Absolutely! For names and dates, enter person 1 and dates in the name field and person 2 and dates in date field and we'll take it from there! For just names and not dates, you can just enter them in the name field. We don't limit the amount of characters, but keep in mind, the more characters you enter, the smaller the text becomes. Rest assured, we take great care when we set up your order so it looks wonderful!
Is the gift message engraved on the item?
Gift messages are cards that are printed and affixed to the outside of the item's box. These cards are 3.5”x2” so short and sweet messages are best to be sure the recipient can read the card!
Image Guidelines 
For items requiring an image to be uploaded as part of the personalization, please read the following guidelines for the best possible end product. Please note that we will not call you for a different image unless we are completely incapable of using your image, and this is rare.
  1. Please DO NOT CROP your image. Let us crop to where we need to! We work with what we are given so if you send a cropped image we sometimes have to make the image fit and add a background of a complimentary color so that the entire face cane be seen. If we do not do this, part of thee face/head will be cut off. This is especially the case on heart shaped items, which is why it's extremely important NOT to send cropped images.
  2. If there are multiple people in the image, all will be on the product so if there is only supposed to be one person, please only send us a picture of that person (please do not crop image!).
  3. Our design team is very talented and will take the time to make sure that the product will look it's best with what we are given. If you are questioning the quality of your image please try to find one you think will look better.
  4. If the quality of the picture looks good on your screen, it's generally good for us to use! If it looks blurry, it will produce blurry.  
  5. Look at the shape of the box where the picture goes and try to imagine what your image will look like in it... if it's square, are you sending a very vertical image (that might be cropped so there is only one person) the head of that person may be very large. This is why we stress not to send cropped images. 
  6. If you have more questions, call or email us, we are happy to help!
Do I have to put all the personalization in?
Absolutely not! If you only want the name or a nick name or even no personalization at all, we will do that! It’s completely up to you. Please make sure you always upload picture for any items that need an image (We do not print pictures for frames though, sorry!)
Do I have to enter personalization?
Nope...Please note that if you do not enter any personalization, we take off the standard ‘in loving memory’ or appropriate wording on memorial items so the item doesn't look like it’s missing something. For wind chimes that have no personalization entered, we engrave or print the design on both sides of the sail!
Will you send me a proof?
Remember, our site will NOT give you a live preview of your personalization. Unfortunately we are not able to send proofs prior to production. Please know that we take a lot of care when we set up your item so that it will look it's best because we want you (or your recipient) to love it as much as we do!
What is the gift wrapping?
We use a beautiful silver wrapping paper with a sheer red ribbon for the perfect finishing touch.
Can I use my own poem or wording?
If you would like to use your own poem or wording there is a design set-up fee for our art department to custom design your product. Please give us a call for more information – 614.876.7122