Wind Chimes

Personalized Wind Chimes

Create a welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor living spaces with this collection of wind chimes from Remember Me Gifts. Distinctive, deep tones will enchant any afternoon with mesmerizing melodies echoing from the heavy-walled tubes and center pin of the chimes. The aluminum wind chimes are finished in dark gray pewter for lasting appeal and character. Each wind chime is fashioned with an industrial size cord and includes an adjustable cinching striker that lets you choose the range of tones. Simply slide the durable, spring-loaded striker up or down the string to select the musical ambiance you desire for any occasion. Choose from our selection of custom wind chime sails to meet the needs of your gift-giving occasion. From personalized condolence and sympathy thoughts, to the celebration of friendship, we have the perfect personalized wind chime for your recipient.

Quality Materials Make Beautiful Sound

Whether taking time out for a cool beverage or entertaining friends on the patio, our personalized wind chimes transform the afternoon’s breeze into a silvery song of celebration and remembrance. Whenever the wind wafts gently, the song played by these state of the art wind chimes will continue to serve as a melodious reminder of that certain someone or occasion. Our personalized wind chimes are made of aluminum, anodized aluminum, or pewter powder-coated aluminum and come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses for a pleasing tonal array. Some of the aluminum pipes come engraved with words of inspiration, and we personalize the sail with your sentiment.

Customize for Any Occasion

Durable and majestic, these lovely custom wind chimes can be hung in lasting memory of a loved one, as a tribute to the members of a family, or for a special person to remind them of an occasion or how much they are loved. These chimes also make the perfect housewarming or holiday gift. We’re sure you’ll find the sentiment you desire to express among our range of featured texts, and the added personalization will make your piece an item that stands out.

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