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Personalized Cake Pans & Cookie Jars

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Personalized Cake Pans and Cookie Jars

Can’t you just imagine it…that one special kitchen that always smells like something scrumptious is baking in the oven, like ooey-gooey oatmeal cookies, fragrant snickerdoodles, or moist chocolate cupcakes?

If you’ve got a mom or dad, grandma, auntie, BFF, or other friend who loves to bake, they’ll adore our excellent selection of cake pans and cookie jars. Just right for that person who’s always miking up a batch of goodies, these personalized items will be the perfect gift for that next special occasion.

Our personalized cake pan collection can hold anything from a dozen (or more) cupcakes to your favorite sheet cake to a delectable batch of brownies. Each comes with a colorful lid that keeps what’s inside fresh. The lid also features a clever phrase and/or the name of the recipient in bold, easy-to-read font. Made of sturdy aluminum, these pans are long-lasting and stand up to plenty of wear-and-tear.

Our personalized cookie jar selection includes old-fashioned lead-free glass jars that provide plenty of room for homemade delights. Each family cookie jar is personalized with a first or last name and some include a special verse, a unique monogram, or a nod to their baking talents. Our jars also feature an air-tight lid for added freshness and have a whopping one-gallon capacity so you’ll never run out!