Hardest Goodbye Candle

  • Memorial candle is made in the USA
  • Pet candle is available in three scents
  • Remembrance candle is personalized with name & dates
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 This Pet Memorial Candle embodies the utmost love and remembrance for our furry loved ones. Available in three soothing scents - Vanilla (Ivory Candle), Lavender (Purple Candle), and Eucalyptus (Green Candle), each aroma provides a sense of comfort during difficult times. The candle is meticulously crafted with a long-lasting burn time, providing a peaceful ambiance. With its elegant design and powerful sentiment, this candle serves as a heartfelt tribute to our departed pets. Cherish their memory with the Hardest Goodbye Candle. Remembrance candle is 18 oz. hand poured and has a long burn time.