Celebrating their First Communion

Mar 23rd 2021

Celebrating their First Communion

Anyone celebrating their first communion knows how special the occasion truly is. If you are celebrating your first communion or that of a friend or family member’s, there really are some amazing gifts that you can choose from.

Consider these wonderfully personalized first communion gifts as a way to show your support to those who have been able to celebrate such a meaningful occasion.

John 3:65 Communion Cross

John 3:65 Personalized Communion Cross

This is one gift that is both unique and timeless. A classic hardwood cross displays a beautiful message from John 3:65. To make this even better, this cross can be personalized with a name and the communion date.

A gift as simple as this can be displayed anywhere as a sweet reminder of a person’s first communion. If there happens to be a group of people you know, that are celebrating their first communion, these make wonderful group gifts that you can give out right after communion or after the service has ended.

My First Holy Communion Keepsake Box

Personalized First Communion Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes, in general, make a great gift for anyone, but My First Holy Communion keepsake box is extra special to those celebrating this momentous occasion. Aside from a beautiful felt-lined inside, you can add a name and a date if you wish.

The recipient of this personalized gift can have their very own special place to keep everything related to their first communion. Other small gifts could be photos and even cards from family and friends. It is a gift that can last and can be enjoyed throughout the years.

When considering personalized first communion gifts, think about how amazing a person would feel being able to open this keepsake box months or even years down the road. There would be a treasure-trove of beautiful memories to remind them of their first communion.

Communion Chalice Frame

Personalized First Communion Picture frame

To add to the keepsake box, this Communion Chalice frame makes an ideal addition or can standalone on a counter or desk. The words “First Holy Communion” are shown elegantly at the top and there’s plenty of space to add a name and date at the bottom.

The design is only a small portion of the overall beauty because you can pick the perfect photo to go in this frame and show the world a special moment in your life. This is another part of personalized first communion gifts that a church may want to give out to those celebrating their first communion.

If the ideas on what to give as first communion gifts leaves you stumped, give these gifts a go. You can choose just one or all of these gifts to help someone celebrate a loving and memorable occasion. Remember that you can add a special gift message to all of these and leave a little bit of congratulations and encouragement along the way.

Personalized first communion gifts do not have to be hard and you certainly have plenty of options. Choose what you feel is right for each person or choose one gift that can be given universally to everyone celebrating their first communion.