Easy Graduation Party Menu Ideas

May 5th 2023

Easy Graduation Party Menu Ideas

When graduation time rolls around, the one thing you want to consider is how you’re going to throw a party and provide more than enough food choices for everyone involved. This isn’t as hard as you might think because there are plenty of food options out there that can be enjoyable for everyone. If you're having a tough time deciding on what to do for a graduation party, here are some great choices in food ideas that will make any party a blast!

Fruit Buffet

A fruit buffet is an amazing idea if you want to offer up some light snacking at a graduation party and make sure everyone can have a taste of something they like. Fruits of every kind can be included like watermelon, grapes, apples, oranges, pineapple, mango, pomegranate, peaches, cantaloupe and so much more. The great thing about providing a fruit buffet at a graduation party is that you can literally find something for everyone, and you can even get creative by letting everyone make fruit kabobs so they can sample as many fruits as they want.

Taco Bar

A taco bar is a classic idea to something that many already plan for when it comes to any type of celebration. You know that you can have different types of shells like crunchy or soft, provide all the different fixings to go in a taco, and even supply plenty of different cheeses to go along with them. On the side, you can include chips, salsa, cheese dips, and throw in some freshly made guacamole to provide guests with plenty to choose from and chow down on.

Sandwich Buffet

Sandwiches are an easy meal, and they are especially good for a graduation party where everyone will want something that works with their appetite. Aside from the fact that you can provide plenty of types of bread, you can also have different meats to include with them, sliced cheese to make it easier for everyone to add it to their sandwiches, and snacks on the side like chips. It's simple, but very filling for everyone and there are plenty of sandwich combinations to make everyone happy.

Muffin Bar

Muffins aren’t just for breakfast, and they make for wonderful snacks, appetizers, and party food for any occasion. No graduation would be complete without a muffin bar that has every kind of you could think of like chocolate chip, banana nut, blueberry streusel, and even strawberry crème. This is a great idea if you want to have a graduation party that doesn’t have foods that are too filling because you can have mini versions of muffin flavors so everyone can try plenty without feeling too full.

You can also have an abundance of toppings on the side like strawberry, chocolate, and caramel syrups. Top a few muffins with these syrups and supply the bar with plenty of sprinkles and candy as well. All of these ideas are sure to be a hit at any graduation party and every muffin is guaranteed to be absolutely delicious!

Salad Bar

A salad bar is a great way to have a light meal ready during any graduation party and there's plenty that you can add to this dish to make it a great display for the party. All kinds of lettuce can be available like romaine, iceberg, and even butter lettuce, along with toppings like almonds, shredded cheeses, fruit, meat, and veggie choices as well. The great thing about choosing a salad bar for a graduation party is that you can have something for everyone and an easy meal.

Don’t forget to provide plenty of sauces as well because there are plenty to choose from like honey mustard, raspberry vinaigrettes, seasoned olive oils, and so many versions of French dressings. All of these different options for a salad bar will definitely be party pleasers.

Strawberry Bar

Not many people have heard of a strawberry bar, but it’s actually a simple way to get creative with this particular fruit and have a blast sharing it with everyone at a graduation party. For this type of bar, you just have to provide dishes that are strawberry related like strawberry cakes, teas, syrups, and even strawberries dipped in different types of chocolate. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a strawberry bar, and you can even ask friends and family to bring their favorite strawberry dishes to the party.

Parfait Bar

If you're looking for something that would go perfectly with a salad bar or even just as a snack bar on its own, a parfait bar is ideal for this because everything is light on the stomach. Providing different types of yogurts like Greek, almond milk-based, and dairy and all wonderful options to help everyone be included in the party. You can also provide plenty of toppings like crunchy oats, diced fruits like peaches and strawberries, but also add some extra fun bowl ideas like providing waffle bowls to eat them in.

Brownie Bar

If everyone loves brownies, you can bet they will absolutely love the idea of having a brownie bar at the graduation party. It’s pretty much the best way you can provide a huge array of brownies in all flavors and make it so everyone can have a taste of all the varieties. Be sure to keep the bar a little warm with lighting so the brownies can stay fresh, and everyone has a chance to add toppings to them while they’re warm and gooey.

Pizza Bar

With a pizza bar, you can be just as creative as you would with any other graduation party food because you can also have different versions of pizza to satisfy everyone. There are pizzas with cauliflower crust, veggie pizzas, meat pizzas, and even dessert pizzas. Possibilities are always endless when it comes to a pizza bar at a graduation party and it's a great way to make sure every guest gets to enjoy being a part of it all.

Chocolate Fountain

A really fun idea for a graduation party is to have food that can be dipped, and the highlight of the party would be fountains full of delicious chocolate. You can have white chocolate, milk chocolate, and even dark chocolate fountains where everyone can pick a snack or a fruit to be dipped in chocolate. Add some extra toppings to the table so everyone can enjoy having a great time creating delectable masterpieces.

Baked Potato Bar

Most people wouldn’t think that a baked potato bar would be an option for any party, but it’s a great idea to have it available for a graduation party. It’s a simple meal that allows everyone to choose their own toppings and their favorite potato as well. You can keep the potatoes warm with lighting and keeping them wrapped up in aluminum foil.

You can even use different potatoes like baby red and yellow potatoes, but make sure to put a sign in front of each kind so everyone will know what they're choosing. Add some fixings like sour cream, chives, cheese, butter, and bacon bits. Anything you can think of would work great for a baked potato bar and help everyone have a satisfying meal.

Donut Wall

A donut wall is plenty of fun for everyone and there are different ways in which you can have this party food idea. Most choose a long and wide chalkboard to display on a table and along that chalkboard, they’ll write what each box of donuts beneath it are flavored. Donuts are a great chance to choose options that you think many people may not have tried before and offer them something to boost their taste buds.

You can choose donut flavors like crème-filled, chocolate éclair, strawberry cheesecake, maple bacon bits, and every possibility that you can think of. Even have an area where everyone can top their donuts with anything they would like. A donut wall is the perfect treat for any graduation party and will bring everyone together.

All of these food ideas for a graduation party are sure to be a big success no matter which ones you choose. You can definitely choose more than a few of these options to have at the party, especially since they will give more choices to the guests, and everyone can find something to eat that they love. You can mix and match as much as you want and rest easy knowing that the food for the graduation party is guaranteed to be a huge success!