Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Cool This Summer

Aug 5th 2021

Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Cool This Summer

Summer time means fun time and all the kids will want to have as much as they possibly can! While they may be tempted to dash outside and run around, the summer sun could have them thinking twice. To beat the heat, here are some fun ideas to keep kids cool this summer.

1. Water, water, water!

There’s nothing like a cold glass of water on a very hot day and the kids will need plenty of water if they plan on beating the summer heat. Take a cooler wherever you go and make sure it is filled with plenty of bottled water. If the kids plan on playing hard, they need to drink water regularly.

2. Sidewalk chalk art!

Pick a time early in the morning or late in the evening to do this activity. Once the sun starts to set, let the little ones having fun drawing with sidewalk chalk. Use glow-in-the-dark chalk and they can watch their drawings come to life in the cooler evening temperatures.

3. Avoid the hottest hours of the day!

Anywhere from 11:00am to 4:00pm is definitely considered the hottest part of the day and the amount of time you should avoid taking the kids out into direct sunlight to play.

4. Water balloon fight!

Who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight! You can mix it up and have smaller balloons for the little ones and larger balloons for the older kids. Either way, everyone can have fun and stay cool.

5. Pool party for the kids!

You can have different size pools, water slides, sprinklers, and more! The kids will love having their friends over, playing in all the watery choices and everyone can keep the heat off.

6. Car wash!

This is one creative way to get your car washed and help the kids stay cool. You can even set up sprinklers around your car so they can have endless fun just splashing around the whole time.

7. Bring the beach home!

Pop up a large umbrella, toss some sand into a large kiddie-pool, bring the kid’s tools and they can dig for shells all day long. The umbrella keeps them cool the entire time!

8. Fresh fruit!

In-between the summer fun, the kids will need a snack or two. Giving them fresh fruits, which can also be kept in the cooler, is a great way help them cool off and get a healthy snack.

9. Popsicle fight!

So the kids might be tempted to eat the popsicles rather than use them as light sabers, but they will definitely enjoy this fun activity either way.

10. If it’s just too hot, stay inside!

If the sun is just a bit too much, keep the kids inside and have a craft party.

With these simple and fun ideas, the kids can stay cool and still have a blast this summer. Try a few ideas or try them all. Either way, everyone can be happy with having fun and cooling off from the summer heat!