How To Plan A Winter Wedding

Mar 4th 2022

How To Plan A Winter Wedding

Planning a winter event can be beautiful and enormous amount of fun. One of the beautiful yet challenging thing that comes to mind when winter arrives is snow. A winter event has its own difficulties along the way be it- unexpected snowstorms, early sunsets or traffic-causing ice. This involves taking into consideration a lot of factors including climatic factors which could be time consuming while planning yet interesting at the outcome.

However, when it comes to planning for a winter wedding, once in a lifetime opportunity, the sparkling snow, the beautiful colors, the beautiful night, the sparkles during the day really lit and give life to the decoration for the winter wedding.

This article gives several tips that will give live and beautify your winter wedding making such a great memorable event a day people will never forget.

Tips on Planning Ahead

A winter wedding needs proper and extensive planning. This includes choosing a good location, date and venue for the wedding. Here are simple tips in making the best choice.

Tip #1: Choose a Good Location

When it comes to planning for a winter wedding, a good location that adapts beautifully to the season is very important. For example, an outdoor winter venue could be nearby a park or a forest while an indoor venue could be an event center close to snow-covered trees. It is also important to visit the venue at night in order to discover how beautifully the location can blend with the winter.

Tip #2: Pick a Convenient Date

Choosing a date convenient for both the couple and the guest can be sometimes difficult as a result of holiday-related events and the buzzing spirit of the winter. However, this factor must be considered promptly. It is advised that a date in which weather conditions are most suitable is to be chosen so that the weather doesn’t run the event. Also it is important to send SAVE-THE-DATE invitations ahead (advisable 6 months in advance) to would-be- guest. A good time could be 2 hours before sunset or, if you want sunlight, at or before 4pm would be perfect

Tip #3: Choosing a Spotlight Venue

A spotlight venue is a like an icing on a cake. You could consider choosing a rustic estate with a snowy scene, a ski resort, hunting lounge or a well decorated religious center. Whichever your choice, book a venue that will highlight the season of winter so beautifully. It is advisable to use the same venue for ceremony and reception.

Tip #4: A Detour

It is important to have a back-up or alternative plan for location because of varying or unpredictable climatic condition. Booking closer venues as alternative is advisable to easy transport in case of bad weather. It also includes having sand and salt for icy path. It is also important to give extra travel time for guest in event of weather change.

Decoration and Aesthetic Options

The beautification of the event center be it outdoor or indoor is the main part. Choice of color, winter accessories, seasonal elements, food and drink choice, cake and desserts choice, fabrics choice can be sometimes challenging. Here are some tips that might help give life to that venue.

Tip #1: Choose Colors That Blend in with Snowy Scenery

Warm tone of black, gold, silver, red and burgundy really blend in with the winter scenery. Colors like forest green, snowy white, deep crimson, red floral, moody jewels, winter berry and cool amethyst will create a more stunning and sophisticated look. However, when it comes to choice of color it is important to choose bright and light color to blend in with the winter outset.

Tip #2: Create a Beautiful Scenery for Outdoor Event

Include decorations that will liven the atmosphere. Use holly, mistletoe and foliage garlands as center pieces. You could still spice up an indoor winter by beautifying it with pine cones, woodland elements, snowflakes, rosemary, roses and red berries. These elements are perfect gorgeous for winter wedding arrangement. Consider using soft, fluffy pillows and cushioned chairs as this are advantageous for guests because of their tendency for creating warmth. Use red linens with green colored table cloth to blend in with the winter scenery.

Tip #3: Winter Wedding Catering

The sumptuous, delicious and mouth-watering part is here. A lot of varieties of cake choice with beautiful flavors and colors. A dark chocolate cake, red velvet, French vanilla and bourbon, white chocolate, fruit cake will add to the beautiful scenery of the event. Frosting and icing will magnify the flavor. Edible gold leaf can be added to sparkle up the outlook of the cake.

Winter foods choices with different varieties include sweet potatoes, roasted root vegetables, bowls of hot soups, mashed potatoes, creamy soups, cheese sandwiches, hot noodles and pastas. Colorful salad combos from fruits and vegetables ranging from apples, turnips and cranberries are the perfect combination with winter food. Desserts such as donuts or warm apple pie with hot cocoa, chocolate or coffee will go a long way

Tip #4: Gift Favor and Ideas

Make your winter wedding a memorable event that will last forever in your guests’ hearts. Gift them with objects such as mugs, blankets, cups, gloves, souvenirs, head warmers with your hashtag wedding code. This will make your wedding an unforgettable day in the tablet of their hearts.

Fabric and Outlook Planning

This is the final stage of winter wedding preparation. This involves warmth management on that big day, guest care, bride and groom makeup and fabric wear

Tip #1: Warmth of Scenery

Apart from offering hot creamy chocolate because of the chilly weather, there should be enough fire places for warmth and coziness for the guests and bride and groom. Coats and winter accessories of guests should be warmed up before leaving for the chilly weather. A box containing blanket is preferably at the event with an attractive sign for guests to warm themselves up. Make sure to crosscheck the floor heaters, space heaters/thermostat if they are good working condition. As far as we want a cozy atmosphere outside, temperature regulation and control are important

Tip #2: Lighting

Incorporate a lot of lit candles, string lights, chandeliers and twinkling lights. This will help create, cool, stunning and attractive atmosphere. Beautify your dance floor by adding confetti to it. This will help give it a more wintery rather than warmly look. Include posh fabrics and rich colors to beautify the scenery. A red velvet background color will give life to the scenery.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Fabric for the Occasion

Since a winter event is going to be chilly and cozy, any winter outdoor wedding should choose a warm and thicker material such as silk, moiré, pique and brocade. The bride and groom can use warm wool suits with mitten gloves. Winter accessories such as now snow boots (even though there can be change as regards indoor activity), fancy gloves, ear muffs, fur shrugs, scarves, cute hats are very important for outdoor winter weddings. As regards weather unpredictability, umbrella and rain boots are handy accessories

However, when it comes to indoor winter wedding a lot of fabric and accessories options are available. For example, red velvet glitzy and sparkly heels are encouraged for the bride. Also a long sleeve wedding dress is advised for the bride because of the chilly weather. Thick long tights are also advised to be worn under the bridal gown for protection against the chilly weather.

For men, black and velvet colored blazer and tuxedo are cool and handsome wears that will blend in with winter scenery. They are thick and warm fabrics. The ring bearer and the flower girl should be appropriately dressed to avoid them feeling cold.

Tip#4: Don’t Forget to Makeover

It’s your big day! So don’t forget to look so stunning and breath-taking on that snowy day. A bridal make-up might be needs on your winter wedding day. However, if prepared in advance for, it might not be needed as you wish. A skincare routine is however needed to combat clogged pores on the facial skin, dry skin and cracking. These special care in advance will however help achieve a smooth make-up on that big day. On that big day, choose a make-up that flows with your skin tone

Tip #5: Get a Good Photographer Who Can Blend in with Scenery Events

Memories taken as a shot will never be forgotten. However, when it comes to winter wedding, time consciousness is important. This is as a result of the cooling of air in winter time which shorten the lifespan of the day. The photographer however needs to make use of the time during the day to take beautiful and romantic shots


Winter weddings really require enormous preparation and adequate planning. The gentle snowflakes and flurry really creates a beautiful scenery. It is an adventure that create memories in the hearts of those who choose to. This article has highlighted 13 simple tips to aid in the planning of a winter wedding