Keep your littles safe – Halloween Safety Tips

Oct 26th 2020

Keep your littles safe – Halloween Safety Tips

It’s time for ghosts, goblins, werewolves, vampires, and all the candy a kid could ever dream of. Before stepping outside, or inside, this Halloween season, keep your littles safe with some Halloween safety tips about Covid, costumes, candy and trick-or-treating.

Candy Tips

Let’s jump right into the subject all parents, and kids, are worried about: candy. When it comes to making sure your kids stay safe while enjoying their candy, you have two options. First, and aside from making sure all the candy is in a wrapper, you can wipe each piece of candy before handing it out or before letting your kids snack on it.

If you’re looking for another option, you can always let the candy sit out for a few days before it’s time to hand it out or before you let your kids have any.

Halloween Prep:

  • Check Covid virus controls in your area to see if it’s safe enough to take kids trick-or-treating.
  • Have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes with you at all times.
  • Let kids know about the rules ahead of time and that they’re extra important this year.
  • Even after buying a brand new costume, make sure to wash the costume and sanitize every part of it before letting your kids wear it.

If you’re handing out candy:

  • If you feel sick or have a fever, avoid handing out candy or even going out.
  • Always wear a mask if you plan on handing out candy one-on-one.
  • Take breaks in-between so you can wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Use tongues or a scoop to hand out candy instead of using your hands.

If you’re taking kids trick-or-treating:

  • Keep trick-or-treating groups small.
  • When crossing the street with kids, make sure you teach them to look both ways before crossing.
  • With a small group of kids, either have them hold hands or hold your hands when crossing the street. You can easily sanitize right after you have finished crossing.

After Halloween is over:

  • Immediately get the kids out of their costumes and wash the parts that can be washed. Use sanitizing wipes on the parts that you can’t wash.

When it comes to Masks…

So this is one of the most important aspects of Halloween this year. The first thing you need to know is that masks that come with kids Halloween costumes are not a substitute for protective face-wear. These should be avoided.

Instead, you can have a fun Halloween crafting time with the kids and help them decorate a mask that follows CDC guidelines, but also matches their costume.

This is also a great motivational tool to get kids to wear a protective mask and enjoy it! Also, if you’re thinking of getting your kids to wear a protective mask and wear their costume mask over it, remember that wearing both can make it very difficult for them to breathe.

I know that at this point in the year, everyone is ready for some good old-fashioned fun, but it’s also very important to stay safe while in the midst of that fun. Kids can definitely have a fun time, dress up, get lots of candy, and enjoy Halloween. It’s just important to keep them both happy and health at the same time.