Mother's Day Ideas - Memory Jar

Apr 23rd 2021

Mother's Day Ideas - Memory Jar

It’s time to get creative with Mother’s Day and make this an extra special day. Sure, you could buy the usual Mother’s Day gifts, but something personal makes for a much better gift that will last and last.

Among the best personalized Mother’s Day gifts you could think of, here is one item that is sure to surprise and amaze any mom.

Personalized Cookie Jars

Anyone would love a good cookie jar, especially if it’s filled with delicious cookies. The Farmhouse Inspired cookie jar is perfect as a personalized Mother’s Day gift, for several reasons. The foliage border design can go with any décor and mom will equally love the ivory backdrop as well. It’s also nice that you can add a name that can be shown alongside a large initial on the jar.

The fact that this is a large gallon-sized cookie jar, means that mom can have several uses for it and may even want a second one for another use. This doesn’t mean that you can only stick to this cookie jar. There are plenty that you can choose from that make excellent Mother’s Day gifts.

Get Creative with the Cookie Jar

While some sugary goodness would definitely be a great gift, there’s another use for a cookie jar that you may not have considered: memory slips.

The idea behind this is really sweet and it’s something you can start on right now. Every day, or whenever a memory comes to mind, write it down on a small piece of paper and place it in the jar. You can even add small-sized photos of special memories and mix them in with the memory slips.

Childhood Memories

Keep in mind that these slips can be about anything you want them to be. If there are any wonderful memories that you have from your childhood with your mom, no matter the occasion, write those memories down. It could even be a memory from when your mom took care of you when you were sick or just didn’t feel good.

Family Traditions

If there are any family traditions that you celebrated and would love for your mom to remember them, those are the kind of memories you can write down and add to the cookie jar. Mother’s Day gifts should be something a mom can always cherish, so if your mom has a favorite family tradition that means the world to her, be sure to add that memory to the cookie jar as well.

Funny Stories or Simple Sayings

Mom, probably more than anything, would love to reach into the cookie jar and have a funny story to read. She can get a quick laugh and a sweet memory at the same time. If nothing else, just write down how much you love your mom and how much you appreciate all she has done for you your entire life.

Just think, every day, mom can reach into her personalized cookie jar and have a special memory, just for her that will make her smile, laugh and just enjoy reminiscing. Give her plenty of memories so that, even on a bad day, she has a reason to smile and make her day a little better.