Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Apr 6th 2022

Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding

A song plays in the background, and you took a trip to a period of your life when you were all smiles. The cause could be your parents, a very lovable aunty or uncle. A friend? Yes. Now they are gone, and you can't describe such a scenario without shedding a few tears. Besides, it is your wedding day, and you feel like remembering them. How do you remember your loved ones at your wedding?

A wedding day is a very delicate day in preparation, and trying to remember your loved ones during such an event can be a challenge. You have to do it in such a way that your wedding day doesn't lose its identity (i.e., YOUR DAY) while still remembering those wonderful people that brought a smile to your face. Below are things you should consider before paying tribute to loved ones and how you can remember loved ones at your wedding.

How to Remember Loved Ones at Your Wedding

After considering the above factors, below are the methods you can incorporate into your wedding plans to remember your loved ones. Of course, each one is tailored to a particular scenario or person and could be tweaked to suit the occasion.

Method #1 - Walk down the Aisle Alone

Walking down the aisle is one of the things most to-be couples fantasize about. The excitement is not only limited to the female, as she is the one being held by her dad. But there is also that calm feeling in the groom as the dad and the bride walk towards him.

Normally the bride walks with her dad acting as the protector. However, for those whose dad passed away, consider walking the aisle alone. You might spice it up by carrying something most people know is an important part of your dad's on that journey. This can be a handkerchief or a framed painting of the father.

Method #2 - Carry them With You

Another simple way to remember and honor loved ones is to "carry them with you." We recommend making a small frame of them and attaching them to your bouquet or buttonhole. It can also be in the form of a small frame, locket, or charm attachable to any place.

Method #3 - Do You Have a Family Heirloom?

Many families have a strong sense of tradition, and they prioritize tradition over anything. If the person you want to remember is known for this, you can remember them by incorporating an heirloom they are known for into the wedding ceremony.

You could try out many ideas depending on who the loved ones are and what types of heirloom we are talking about. For example, if the heirloom is a precious jewel, you could wear it during the ceremony. You can also consider melting them and using them to make wedding rings. However, we believe that is a little farfetched.

Method #4 - A Memorial Table

This is one common way people remember loved ones on their wedding days, and you might like it also. Arrange a memorial table that contains things that remind people what that person stands for. Common things you could include are mismatched photo frames, candles, and objects that people know have a particular affiliation with him. These objects will be a subtle yet comforting reminder of them.

Method #5 - In Loving Memory

This is the most popular method of remembering loved ones at weddings. Here, to-be couples add lines that denote whom they want to remember to the Wedding program.

It is subtle yet effective as guests would smile, and you would feel accomplished. For example, if you see something like, "In loving memory of Dad, I still remember you carrying me, my hands stretched free, my face lit up, knowing I had no worries in the world," it will touch your heart.

Method #6 - Save them a Space

Another style most people engage in is to save a loved one a space in the wedding hall and during dinner. This is a common method for to-be couples who lost a parent or a guardian.

While it is common, bear in mind that there can be heightened sadness with people near such seats during your ceremony.

Method #7 - A Toast

You can also remember your loved ones by raising a glass to their lifetime on mother Earth. You can spice it up by using their favorite drinks. "Fill up your glasses, ladies, and gentlemen. A toast to the woman who brought forth this wonderful son, to a time well spent on Earth, to Late Mrs. Stone" is bound to bring a smile to people's faces.

Method #8 - Consider Your Favors

Wedding favors are becoming an important part of every wedding ceremony. Many people favor using personalized gifts, and in terms of remembering loved ones, you can do a little more. You can do something unique from the person's personality, nature, and hobbies.

Was the person known for being in the lottery? Why not put a lottery ticket with their face on it in the wedding favor? Were they into cooking while alive? Consider making something from their recipe and including it in the wedding favors.

Method #9 - Mention Them During the Ceremony

This is another method of remembering your loved ones at your wedding. Currently, more couples tend towards verbal acknowledgment because they want to honor them at the first part of the ceremony. Others stick with mentioning during dinners as it is more serene, and it is less overwhelming to do that at that point.

You can also try to tell stories about them. Consequently, guests would be able to get to know about those who made your life blissful. However, try to make it jovial, unique, and touching. This will not allow it to cast a melancholic feeling on the ceremony.

There are different approaches, but you should choose one that represents how you feel and how you want the ceremony should go.

Method #10 - Include Their Favorite Flower in Your Bouquet

This method became popular when Meghan Markle incorporated Princess Diana's beloved white garden roses in her bouquet. You can add their favorite flower to the floral design or the vase for a traditional gesture of remembrance. Then, after the ceremony, you can place those flowers over their grave for personal homage.


Remembering loved ones at your wedding is a personal thing to do, and it requires a level of commitment and planning. There are many ways you could incorporate into your wedding plan to remember them. This article introduced different methods you could use and what to note when doing it.