Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Jul 26th 2021

Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding

A wedding is always a momentous occasion, but what about those not able to celebrate with you? Remembering loved ones at your wedding is not as hard as you may think. There are small ideas and gifts that can help a happy couple celebrate, even with those that are no longer here.

Listen to the Wind Bronze Chime

Listen to the Wind Memorial wind chime

This classic wind chime is not only a gift that leaves a beautiful melody, but can be personalized with the name and date of that special someone that has passed on. The wind chimes could be hung indoors or outside during the reception, so that a soft melody can fill the air and be a reminder to remember loved ones, even at the wedding.

To make this a very personal gift and to add a sweet touch, just add a separate gift message to this wonderful gift.

Those We Love Memorial Candle

Those we Love Memorial Candle

A memorial candle for a wedding is not only a thoughtful gift, but it also is a great way for any couple to help remember their loved ones on their wedding day. The Those We Love Memorial candle is not only decorative, but it also can be personalized to make it a memorable wedding gift.

There’s also a lovely poem on the front of the candle that expresses a moving message to the recipient.

Forever Loved Personalized Candle

Forever Loved Memorial candle for wedding memorial

Remembering loved ones at a wedding can mean more than just one candle. The Forever Loved Personalized candle is a prime example of another candle option that can be chosen. Names and dates can also be added to this candle to make it an even more remarkable personalized gift. This candle also has a calming mountain scene that captures the moment beautifully.

Those We Love Lantern

Those we Love Memorial Lantern

Lanterns are used in many different traditions to symbolize “remembrance”. Aside from gifting wind chimes and candles, consider how special a lantern will be in remembering those that have gone on, at a wedding. The Those We Love Lantern signifies exactly that and more.

Imagine placing this amazing lantern along the walkways or on a remembrance table. It would be a wonderful way to keep loved ones close in spirit, since they are not able to be there for the wedding. A name and date can be personalized with this candle and there’s even a popular verse to accompany this lantern. It is a simple, but very symbolic design that works great for remembering loved ones at a wedding.

When it comes to remembering loved ones at a wedding, you can choose a memorial candle for the wedding, but do not forget what can go with that memorial candle for the wedding. Make a display table for all of these memorial items and even include photos that can accompany each of these gifts.

It is much easier than you might think to keep loved ones in memory during the wedding. These gifts make it a special and pleasing memory that can be cherished well beyond the wedding day.