​Remembering our Furry Friends in October

Oct 6th 2020

​Remembering our Furry Friends in October

Who doesn’t think of their furry friend as family? The vast majority even consider them like their very own children. Why shouldn’t we? They give us unconditional love, plenty of laughs, and happiness to brighten our days.

This is why it’s so hard to lose them, especially if it’s unexpected, but now is the time for remembering our furry friends in October. Your little fur ball has given you so much, so why not give yourself, and others, a memorial gift worthy of their love? Here are some wonderful choices when it comes to loss of pet gifts.

Picture Frames to Keep your Favorite Photo in

Our Furry Friend Memorial Frame

Do you have a beautiful picture of your pet that you want to display around your home? Maybe you even have a friend who recently lost their pet and may need a way of remembering our furry friends in October. Whether it’s loss of dog or loss of cat, a  rainbow bridge pet memorial frame is beautiful, unique, and has the perfect spot for you or a friend to place your furry friend’s pictures.

Any personalized gifts for loss of pet that let you show your love for your pet is an ideal gift!

Wind Chimes Let a Gentle Breeze Tell You They’re Still Around

Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime

When remembering our furry friends in October, it may be difficult, but the relaxing sound of wind chimes might be just what you, or a friend, need. Being able to add your pet’s name and photo can make it the perfect personal gift.

If having a photo reminder of your fur baby is too difficult, there’s a loss of cat wind chime that’s simple and sweet.

Keepsake Boxes for Small Items That were Theirs

Like most pet owners, you probably have enough pet items to fill up an entire box or more. A very special idea as a gift would be a keepsake box. This is a gift that can be given to anyone who has lost a pet and wants to have a sweet box of memories to remember their pet by.

Keepsake boxes are a perfect gift for loss of pet and are ideal for storing items like collars, pet tags, favorite toys and pictures of your sweet fur baby.

Remember Your Pet with a Personalized Ornament

Paw Prints on our Hearts Pet Ornament

Loss of pet gifts can also include elegant,  personalized ornaments to remember your pet that you can add  your fur baby’s name. These ornaments do not have to be limited to hanging on a tree as you can add an ornament stand for year-round display to help in remembering our furry friends in October.

Let’s face it, pets are often the ones that end up saving us, so why not remember them every day with a personalized ornament you can use all year. Give one to yourself and to those who would love little reminders of their precious fur babies.

Let’s also take a moment to remember that, while we may be dealing with the loss of a pet, there are so many shelter dogs waiting to find their forever homes. Even though your fur baby may be gone, the love you had for them can be shared with other animals.

You may not be ready to adopt another pet, but even something as simple as volunteering to help shelter dogs find their forever homes, is a sign of love and compassion that fits perfectly with remembering our furry friends this October!