Safe Tips for 4th of July Celebrations

Jun 29th 2021

Safe Tips for 4th of July Celebrations

4th of July is a big deal for many Americans and there’s no surprise that many events planned this year are going to be bigger than ever. As many are stepping out for the first time in over a year, it’s important to keep a few safety tips for 4th of July celebrations in mind. It’s also a good idea to really understand how 4th of July will be affecting our veterans as well.

Fireworks Safety

For pets and children, fireworks are either going to be extremely exciting, or they may be a bit scary. Either way, you should make sure to keep all the little ones as safe as possible. If the kiddos want to enjoy the fireworks up close, be sure they are supervised at all times, even after lighting the fireworks for them.

Some pets might love the idea of being front and center for the fireworks, but they still need to be watched to make sure their playfulness is well away from dangerous sparks. If you know your pet is afraid of fireworks, then make them a quiet and comfortable area ahead of time so it can be their safe space while all the 4th of July excitement is going on.

Pool and Water Safety

Just like with the fireworks, children and pets should be watched closely around any water, including pool areas. If you are planning a pool party or maybe just going to a pool party, make sure there will be plenty of adults watching the kids at all times. To avoid any accidents, pets can be kept inside during the pool festivities and you can always give them treats and toys to keep them happy.

Bonfires and Grilling

All you have to do is make sure the pets and kids are well away from any open flames at all times. They may be tempted to sneak a taste of what’s cooking on the grill, but watch out for those fast fingers!

Understanding Our Veterans during the Celebration

While there may be many of us that enjoy the sights and sounds that come with 4th of July celebrations, let’s be mindful of our veterans and aware of how this holiday may affect them. Fireworks going off can be a beautiful site for us, but maybe not so for many veterans. Loud noises, even the sound of firecrackers, can startle our veterans.

So how can you support your fellow veterans on 4th of July? The only thing you need to remember is to pay attention. If they seem a little nervous or a little bit jumpy, why not sit down with them and have a talk. It keeps them focused on you and the conversation, and off of the sounds of fireworks.

You are guaranteed a great story and the veteran can celebrate in a calm and positive way.

4th of July is definitely a way to celebrate with family and friends, more now than ever. Just remember that, while you’re having a ton of fun, be sure that the kids are safe, the pets are calm and our veterans are getting just the right atmosphere to make it a wonderful holiday for all!