Seven Bridal Party Get Together Ideas

Jun 13th 2023

Seven Bridal Party Get Together Ideas

You’ve set the date, and you’ve got your bridal party selected. Most bridal parties are a conglomeration of people from a variety of stages of the happy couple’s lives. That usually means that some of them know each other, and some of them are complete strangers.

Many brides and grooms want their bridal party to be friendly with each other. They would like for the party to act as one cohesive unit. To that end, many brides and grooms choose to go beyond the traditional showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties. They plan activities that are fun for both sides of the bridal party to enjoy together.

Of course, some traditionalists choose to have the old school parties. Some people embrace change, but still want a separate event for the bridesmaids and one for the groomsmen. We’d like to suggest activities that would work either as a bachelor or bachelorette party or as a group activity for everyone involved.

Here are seven of our favorite fun bachelor/bachelorette party activities.

1. A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to have fun while getting to know each other better. This is especially fun if you’ve planned a destination wedding. You, your significant other, and your entire bridal party can take the opportunity to learn about the town you’ve chosen for your special day by finding specific landmarks or points of interest. This is a great team-building activity that can lead to a lot of laughter.

Some cities actually have scavenger hunts pre-designed for tourists. Even if you aren’t a tourist, it can be fun to learn things about your town that you never knew. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes because these are typically walking adventures.

2. A Food Crawl

Everyone needs to eat. What better way to experience a night on the town with your bridal party than with a food crawl? With this activity, you eat an entire meal together, but you move between locations. Each course—drinks, appetizer, main course, dessert, after-dinner coffee—is purchased at a different restaurant.

This idea can be even more fun if you let a different person choose the location for each course. This may turn into a new favorite activity if you try it in your hometown. This activity can be especially fun if some of your bridal party members are coming in from out of town. It’s a good way to get to know an area if you’re having a destination experience.

3. A Game Night

Are you and your friends nuts about board games? If so, this idea is right up your alley. Choose a new game that everyone wants to try or an old favorite that you haven’t played in a while and host a game night. Don’t forget to have snacks and drinks to keep the players alert.

Maybe someone in your group is a card shark of sorts. Turn this into a poker night. Or perhaps you like to play a different card game. For a fun twist, play a game you haven’t played since you were children, like Go Fish or Old Maid.

4. A Sporting Event

Is your guy a big baseball fan? Does your girl love basketball? Why not honor them and have fun at the same time? Check out a game together as a group.

You can choose the nearest pro team, a favorite local minor league team, or your nephew’s little league game. The point is that you and your friends attend together. Laugh, cheer for the team, and maybe enjoy some good ballpark food while you’re there. A friendly wager can keep the fun going—choose sides and whichever team wins gets lunch or dinner from the losing side.

5. An Escape Room

Escape rooms are becoming a popular activity for friends, family, and couples alike. This is a good way to build camaraderie between the members of your bridal party. There’s nothing quite like working together to get out of a situation.

Different rooms have different themes, and many cities have more than one escape room. Choose the theme that matches your interests the most closely. Then enjoy solving the clues and finding your way out of the room.

6. A Cooking Party

Do you love to cook? Or would you like to learn to make something in particular in the kitchen? A cooking party is a nice way to bond with your bridal party and hone your skills in the kitchen. Make it a themed dinner and have each one of your friends complete a specific assignment for getting the meal pulled together.

Another fun way to do this is to have each person bring the ingredients for their favorite potluck dish and “teach” the group how to make it. These can be done around a holiday gathering or a Taco Tuesday. Just have fun cooking and eating together.

7. A Playlist Party

Many brides and grooms enjoy dancing at their wedding receptions. If you want to dance at yours, you’ll need a playlist. Assembling your playlist is a built-in fun bridal party activity.

Gather your crew, order some food, and listen to everyone’s favorite songs. Make sure you choose some romantic ones for dancing close as well as the upbeat party favorites. Enjoy dancing along with your playlist.

Wrapping It Up

The days of the traditional bachelor party and bridal shower are on the way out as a way to celebrate upcoming nuptials. Many couples enjoy doing things together along with their entire bridal party. The goal of these kinds of parties is to foster friendship between the members of the bridal party.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having traditional parties if that’s what you want. However, if you and your significant other would like for your bridal party to include friends before and possibly after your wedding, you might consider trying something new.

These seven ideas are just a starting point. There are as many ideas as there are brides and grooms.