Spread Love with Random Acts of Kindness

Feb 17th 2021

Spread Love with Random Acts of Kindness

Showing someone just a little bit of kindness can make their entire day so much better. With Feb. 17th being Random Act of Kindness Day, take some time out of your schedule to show others a touch of kindness.

Here are some great, and simple, ideas to help you show kindness all day long.

1. Collect books that you can donate to your local library.

2. Help deliver groceries to those who may have trouble getting out of their home.

3. Read a book to a child or get together a group of children that you can read to.

4. Visit a friend or family member for the day to keep them company.

5. Donate time or money to a charity. Check to see if there are local charities that you can volunteer for and really help out your community.

6. Allow a person to go ahead of you when standing in line.

7. Pay for a person’s meal while you’re at a restaurant or even a drive-thru.

8. Donate to and even volunteer at your local soup kitchen. You can bring canned goods and stay to help out.

9. Leave positive messages in random places for anyone to find. These are guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.

10. Donate baby diapers to moms who are in need of them.

11. Volunteer to help pick up litter around your city. Get a few friends to join in and cleanup will be a breeze.

12. When you’re out shopping compliment an employee and even let their manager know how wonderful they are.

13. Bake cookies or muffins and give them to your neighbor, just to let them know you’re thinking of them.

14. Teach forgiveness and forgive someone today.

15. No negative thoughts. Think and speak positivity.

16. Send a friend or family member a funny video, just to give them a good laugh.

17. Genuinely ask others what you can do to help them. Asking will mean the world to them.

18. Tell a joke to someone to help give them a smile for the day.

19. Walk your friends or neighbors dogs. They may have extremely busy schedules and need the help!

20. If you come across someone who needs a hug, give them one. They may have had a bad day and just need a little extra pick-me-up to get through it.

21. Give spare change whenever you can.

22. Take donations for crayons and coloring books. These can be donated to children’s hospitals.

23. Make homemade play-dough and donate it to preschools.

24. Make get-well cards for patients in hospitals.

25. Just remember to smile the whole day and it will go a long way.

Since Feb. 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day, these are all perfect ideas that require little effort. The best part of all of these is that they can apply to any day, not just a national holiday. Try spreading a little bit of this kindness each and every day.