Spring Cleaning tips

Mar 26th 2021

Spring Cleaning tips

It is definitely that time of year again and it’s almost time to get spring cleaning underway. It might seem like a daunting task ahead, but never fear. Here are some easy spring cleaning tips to help you get started and finished in no time at all.

1. Use a pillowcase to dust your ceiling fan. Just fit the pillowcase over each fan blade and shimmy it from side to side until it slides off the end of the fan blade. It acts just like a dust cloth, but the plus side is that you can avoid getting a face full of dust because the pillowcase will catch it all.

2. Give your trash cans a good wash. You would be amazed at how dirt can slip through to the bottom of a trash can. Just use a little bit of dish detergent or even baking soda to get a squeaky clean trash can and a nice fresh scent too.

3. Dust with a microfiber cloth. There are plenty of places, in any home, that will need a lot of dusting. To avoid breathing it in or sneezing profusely, use a microfiber cloth. It traps and holds dirt better than any other material.

4. Don’t forget to clean the curtains. Use another microfiber cloth to get all the dust off of them or, if you have an attachment for your vacuum, you can simply give them a good run over.

5. Deep clean your refrigerator. Take everything out and clean all the shelves, drawers and freezer areas completely. Throw out any old food or containers that you need to. Also, remember to adjust the temperature inside your fridge accordingly.

6. Put that “self-cleaning” feature to work on your oven. Wipe away any excess that has built up first or any spills that might be hiding. After that, you can let the oven clean itself!

7. Your cabinets needs some TLC too! Shelf organizers, including Lazy Susan’s, are a great way to organize your cabinets and also make it easier to grab your everyday items.

8. De-clutter all the closets. Store clothes that are out of season in drawers, storage bags, or climate-controlled attics. Organize your linen closet so you have everything you need right at your fingertips. Use a shoe organizer in your closet to conserve floor space and make it easier to find the shoes you need, exactly when you need them.

9. Wash, wash and wash some more. Gather up your sheets, mattress covers, pillow cases and comforters and wash them all. Remember to wash pillow protectors as well as your pillows, if they are washable. It reduces allergens.

10. Organize all files and papers. Spring cleaning can mean more than just your home. Organize the files on your computer, get the bills organized and even get yourself a wall calendar that you can add and erase important notes on.

You can use all of these super easy tips to help you get through all of your spring cleaning and more. They’re simple and sure to make spring cleaning a breeze!