Their Favorite Personalized Wedding Gifts

Mar 10th 2022

Their Favorite Personalized Wedding Gifts

One of the major challenges for wedding guests is getting the right gifts for the occasion. There are always many things to consider. For example, you have to consider questions such as what will the couples like? How well will the gift speak of yourself? How will the gift help them? Finding the right answer to these questions will help you get the right gift, and to many people, the right answers are personalized wedding gifts.

With personalized wedding gifts, you don't need to spend much. You only need to analyze the couples' situation and get something that compliments them. While we will introduce the different steps to get the perfect wedding gift, we will also introduce some personalized wedding gifts to get a new couple. Happy reading!

1. Personalized Wind Chimes

Personalized Wind Chimes for Couple



One of the most iconic wedding moments is when the bride's father walks down the aisle with the bride. Here we capitalized on how the bell sounds to pitch a gift idea to you. The bell's sounds remind of us the wind chime with its alluring sound announcing that nature supports the new union. Consequently, a wind chime might be the perfect gift to get for some couples.

There are many types of wind chimes with both functional designs and aesthetics. However, you would want to choose one tailored to weddings. Therefore, we would recommend going with the Live Laugh Love Wind Chime. Functionally, it is the perfect gift for couples who are into nature. Aesthetically speaking, it is more pleasing as it features an all-aluminium construction with sand-colored tubes. What makes it more ideal as a wedding gift is its sail being customizable with a picture of the couple and the personalization of the words "Live Laugh, love!" the desire of any new couple.

2. Personalized Cutting Boards

Monogram Cutting Board

The first few months after a wedding are for bonding, and you can lean on this to gift the newly wedded couple a spectacular gift. While most people will say a cutting board is only for people who love cooking, we would love to disagree. One of the best moments after a wedding which most couples reminisce on, is cooking together. Therefore, any gift that helps achieve that is ideal, and for that, we have the Monogrammed Cutting Board.

The Monogrammed Cutting Board is made from bamboo and decorated with a butcher block inlay. It measures 15 x 10 inches making it suitable for large or small cooking. We loved the gift because it speaks of the moment, and it includes the couple initials, last name and wedding dates. Aside from the aesthetic involved, the Monogram cutting board is durable and strong. A perfect gift for new couples.

3. Personalized Clocks

Personalized Clock Wedding Gift

Clocks are common wedding gifts. However, why not try to get a clock with a little personalization. This will show you care about the couple, which will separate you from the multitude who brought the same thing. There are many levels to the personalization of clocks, and we have one ideal aesthetically and functionally for newly wedded couples. We are talking about the Happily Ever After Wall Clock.

The goal of a wedding is perpetual marital bliss. With the Happily Ever After Wall Clock, you have a classic gift constantly depicting such bliss. The clock has a stunning and classic design featuring a 1-inch clock face, black Roman numerals, and silver hands encircled by a thin silver ring. What further makes the clock unique is the personalization style with the couple names, wedding dates, and the word Celebrate Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After. It is definitely designed with today's newlyweds in mind and is a gift they'll treasure for years to come.

4. Personalized Memory Box

Personalized Memory Boxes for Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a man/wife life. Every moment counts, and of course, every gifts item counts. To keep the gifts or other wedding related items a couple get, they might need a memory box, and that is where you come in.

We would recommend the Mr and Mrs. Memory Box as it offers a large space for storing any wedding-related mementoes. It is made of alder wood and measures 6 ½ x 10 x 2/5 inches, and includes the couple's last name and wedding date. It also has a delicate scroll decoration.

5. Personalized Wedding Picture Frame

Personalized Wedding Picture Frame

If you are a very close friend of the newly wedded couple, we have something for you. The Mr and Mrs. Wedding Frame! The gift comes from high-quality wood and gives an old-fashioned rustic feeling. The picture frame's style of personalization is awesome, including the couple's last name, wedding date, and a simple leaf pattern. It also can hold a 4 x 6 inches photo which could be that picture of them in the olden days when they found love. Do you know a couple that will say no to that? We also don't!

6. Personalized Wedding Photo Albums

Love Never Fails personalized Wedding photo album

Nowadays, newly wedded couples use social media platforms such as Instagram and cloud sites like Google Drive to save wedding pictures. However, believe us when we say that nothing beats an old wedding album, no matter the technological advancements in the present day. You get this euphoric feeling when you open a wedding album and point out old friends to whoever is with you.

There are many styles of wedding albums. However, a personalized one is the better one. For this, we recommend the Love Never Fails Wedding Album. The wedding album has a leather cover and can hold 120 standard 4x6 photographs. We love the Bible verses written in gold and the couples names and wedding dates adorning them. Aside from the aesthetics, the album is ring-bound. Therefore, you can add more pages if you need to.

How to Choose the Right Personalized Wedding Gifts

Personalized wedding gifts are the new fave for guests looking to gift a newly wedded couple something. This gift speaks of how well you know the couple, how creative you are, your purse's depth, and your relationship with the couple. Choosing one might not be straightforward, and we can help you with that. Below are a few things you could consider before choosing a wedding gift

What Do You Think the Newly Wedded Couples Will Like?

This does not only work for personalized wedding gifts; it is also applicable for normal wedding gifts. If you know what the newly wedded couple have a like for, you already have an edge in deciding the better gift for them. For example, a wind chime would be the perfect companion if both are into nature. A picture frame or a wedding album will do the trick if they both value memory. Cooks? Get them a cutting board or other cooking-related gifts.

How Close Are You to The Couples?

Giving gifts also depends on your closeness to the couple. For example, many people would consider giving a new couple a wedding frame. It is not bad if you do. However, the best person to give them would be those close to them. It would mean so much to the couple if you even use a picture of where they fell in love for such a gift. If you are not that close, for example, a work buddy can choose something simple that reflects your ideals.

Don't Think About the Cost

You don't have to worry about the cost of a personalized wedding gift. However, always remember that a perfect gift is not necessarily costly. If you have the capability, the floor is yours to gift a newly wedded couple expensive wedding gifts. However, if you can't, just get something that reflects your ideal.


As a wedding guest, you would have at one point thought over which gift you should get the newly wedded couple whose occasion you are gracing. You are here because you thought a personalized wedding gift would reflect your creativity. Check above for our top wedding gifts. It is doubtful you won't like what you see, but if you want to check others, you can go through other gifts that will surely imprint their minds.