Thoughtful Gifts for those who Lost a Pet

Thoughtful Gifts for those who Lost a Pet

Feb 23rd 2021

The loss of a pet is a pain that no one can forget. As you take care of them, pets become more like family and can even be considered the equivalent of children for some. Maybe you have lost a pet or know someone who has. Either way, you can consider some thoughtful pet memorial gifts for those who lost a pet.

Rainbow Bridge Memorial Wind Chime

Rainbow Bridge Loss of Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Other than enjoying the peaceful sound the Rainbow Bridge Memorial Wind Chime has, a picture of a pet can be added to the charm at the bottom, as well as a pet’s name. The rainbow charm is also a symbol of just how much a pet was loved.

Furry Friend Memorial Frame

While it might be hard to do so at first, sharing a photo of a pet is one of the sweetest loss of pet sympathy gifts you can choose. The frame is a wood design that will go with any décor. The best part about this frame is the very touching quote: “Our furry friend. Forever loved. Forever missed”. Not to mention there’s space for the pets name at the bottom.

Loss of Dog Heart Ornament

Ornaments are those special gifts that can actually be given any time of year. The Loss of Dog Heart Ornament is one of the loss of pet gifts that really stand out. The simple glass heart-shape shines brightly, just as the space for the name and adorable dog bone image do. Pet memorial gifts like this can be displayed year round.

Pet In Our life Keepsake Box

If there is ever a gift that can truly be cherished, it’s a keepsake box. Aside from a beautiful wood design, the Pet In Our Life Keepsake Box has a large area to place a pet’s name and even a sweet message is just below it.

The quote “You came into our lives and left paw prints on our hearts” is a universal message for dog and cat owners. There are so many ideas for what pet owners can put in this keepsake box and the felt lining makes it great for metallic collars or metal I.D. tags. Including favorite toys is also a sweet and memorable idea.

Our Best Friend Pet Memorial Frame

Our Best Friend Pet Frame

Loss of pet sympathy gifts should include the Our Best Friend Pet Memorial Frame. The glass design alone is beautiful, but there’s also a smaller gold frame that can surround a cherished picture of a lost pet.

A simple quote that says “forever in our hearts” is at the bottom of the frame and a pet’s name can go just beneath that. This is truly a wonderful gift for a pet owner who has lost their pet and just needs a little memory to keep around throughout each day.

When you’re not sure of what type of loss of pet gifts to give others or even yourself, consider these gifts. All have a special way to remember a pet and also bring a smile to the faces of their owners.