​Tips For Planning a Memorable Wedding

Sep 20th 2023

​Tips For Planning a Memorable Wedding

One of the most important moments in a woman’s life is the day she gets married. Everything must be perfect, from when she walks down the aisle in her father’s arm to when she takes the groom in a lovely embrace and dances to the future. Again, everything must be perfect and memorable, but a memorable wedding is only achievable with good planning. Lest I forget, it is also one of the most important moments in a man’s life.

Planning a “memorable” wedding will definitely be intense. There are many things you have to consider related to planning itself, how to take care of the guests, and how to leave the perfect imprint on your guest’s mind. To make it easy, this article will introduce several tips that you can utilize to make your wedding memorable.

Category 1: Tips on Having a Better Planning Phase

A memorable wedding can only be achieved with perfect planning. Therefore, these tips will help you plan better.

Tip #1: Start Planning Very Early

To be honest, this seems like telling a student to read months before their examination. We all know that not everyone would. However, the most memorable wedding requires adequate planning, and adequate planning requires having much time. Therefore, it is better to start planning very early. The conventional time is around three months to the weddings. However, if possible, you should start earlier.

Tip #2: Talk to Older and Experienced Married Couple

Having a smartly dressed assistant or organizer to arrange your wedding is not everything planning. You can also garner experience by talking to other married couples for advice and insights on how to go about it. From what they share with you, you should plan a successful and memorable wedding.

Tip #3: Let the Planning Stage Be Fun

As you get towards your wedding day, it is normal to become cranky and stressed. Something you can do to alleviate this is to make planning fun. Try a celebrate every moment in your planning. For example, as a bride, if your dress fitting was successful, why not invite your organizers and bride’s maids to an afternoon tea. They will be relaxed and happy and can contribute better to making your plans towards a memorable wedding achievable.

Tip #4: Prioritize Organization

One of the things you shouldn’t let go of when planning a memorable wedding is that feeling of control. You must be in control of everything, either through yourself or via a third party (we advise you to get reputable organizers). Having control is only possible if you have good organization.

One way of prioritizing organization is to have a document that contains everything related to the wedding plan. You can then share this document with someone you think should be in charge.

Tip #5: Take Notes in Every Step

It is like school all over again, and you should know that you will likely forget some important details during planning. Therefore, for everything you do, ensure that you take note of everything in a small book. For example, keep a note when you visit new venues, food supplies, confectionery stores, etc., ensure you have every detail penciled down.

Category 2: During the Wedding

These tips are directed towards having an interactive wedding reception.

Tip #6: Simplicity and Time Consciousness

To have a wedding to remember, make it as simple and short as possible with the guest looking for more. Don’t take this the wrong way. Definitely, your family, friends and acquaintance want to see you married. However, nobody loves a long ceremony, and you won’t want these people looking disinterested.

Tip #7: A Personalized Wedding Program

Aesthetics is one of the things that attract people, and when you imbibe that into your wedding program, it can be the thing that captures your guests. The personalized program must be well-styled, reflect your sense of style, and still include the relevant information you want it to pass across.

Tip #8: Get a Hashtag

A “memorable” wedding is one that people look back and remember how cool the wedding was. One way to make your wedding memorable is to get a hashtag on popular social media such as Instagram. Create something clever and ask your guest to tag the photos and videos using the hashtag.

In a few years to come, as you sit around the fireplace, you would be all smile as you point to your family and friends, who the beautiful ladies and handsome men who attended your weddings are. “That’s your Uncle Ben and Aunty Glory in California,” and a story at a fireplace might start.

Category 3: Guests

Your guests are an important part of your wedding. For a memorable wedding, they have a lot to contribute. Therefore, you should be careful when handling them. Here are a few tips you can incorporate into your wedding plan related to your guests.

Tip #9: Make a Guest List

Making a guest list is definitely one of the complicated decisions when planning your wedding. When making one, ensure that you tailor your decision to the venue you will use and your budget. Ensure that your partner and key family members have a say in the guest list.

Tip #10: Get a Welcome Bag

You will often have few guests moving from far or near places to grace your occasion. Their hospitality is in your hand, and one way you can ensure they feel welcome is a welcome bag.

A welcome bag can contain some snacks, water, juice, wine and information about some sites of attraction in the city. It can also contain several personalized gifts such as flip flops, customized towels, etc. Truthfully, your wedding day is all about you. However, you should give them a sort of belief that they are also in your city to enjoy themselves and they will appreciate it better.

Tip #11: Greet All Your Guests

Ensure that you greet every guest that graced your wedding while it is going on. Most newlyweds make the mistake of greeting their guests at the end of the ceremony or not doing this at all. You should avoid that by spending your time with everybody either by chatting over a cocktail, dinner or while dancing. Greeting all your guests shows you care about them, and it is imprinted on their minds, especially when they have a nice time.

Tip #12: Get a Well-Planned Seating Chart

It doesn’t matter what your reception servings will be. Having a smart seating chart provides your guest with a better time. A smart seating chart can be made by grouping guests based on similar backgrounds or interests. Consequently, they will have something to talk about even if they don’t know each other. Also, ensure that you indicate the seating chart to make it easier to navigate.

Category 4: Reception, Dance Floor, and Games

A memorable wedding day also uses dancing and games to increase interaction and fun. Below are a few tips you can incorporate into your wedding plans regarding reception, dancing floor, and games.

Tip #13: A Signature Cocktail Can Do the Trick

Having a signature cocktail will make your reception feel personal. Also, it will help optimize how much you spend. However, ensure that you choose a cocktail design that is palatable and acceptable for your guests.

Tip #14: Design a Cool Lounge Area

As you take your first dance with your partner, it is reasonable to say the world fades away. However, for your guests, it might not. Some guests might not want to dance all night, while some might not even want to step on the dance floor at all.

The mistake that most couples make is to think that the reception table will be a nice place for them to hang around. However, a lounge area is a better place and adds a nicer touch, especially when you look at having a “memorable” wedding. Provide comfortable chairs with lower music, free-flowing drink, and your guests will have something they will remember for times to come.

Tip #15: It Is Not Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King’s Day

No disrespect to two of the greatest orators in history, but one thing you should avoid is having a very long speech during your wedding. It is not Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King’s Day. Therefore, ensure that speeches don’t drag for too long, toasts are as brief as possible, and if possible, encourage speakers to joke a little. A little laugh here and there can put the mind at ease and prepare it for an enjoyable evening.

Tip #16: Song Requests

Yes, a full dance hall is the epitome of excitement itself. Therefore, you should find a way to drag more people to the dance floor. One way to do this is to play songs you think your guests want to hear and to do. You can have your DJ announce that they are taking song requests. For me, it is Ed Sheeran all the way. No barrier can keep me from swaying with my partner to the soft melody of Perfect.

Tip #17: Have Charging Stations

Since you expect your wedding to be intensely exciting, you should expect a lot of pictures and videos, and ultimately a lot of low batteries. Therefore, you should have a charging station at a secluded part of the venue. Ensure it is a secure place and make sure that there is a direction to the charging station for those who want to charge their devices.

Tip #18: Games!!!

Not everybody would want to dance, and some will even leave the dance floor at a point in time. This is where interactive games come in. There are many options you can try. Play games such as Bocce ball, Backgammon, etc. and watch your friends and family interact seamlessly with one another.

Tip #19: Install a Photo Booth

A photo booth is a fun activity for many people, and many people will be thrilled about getting their dashing suits, elegant dresses, and smiles captured by a camera. The lists are endless, but a photo booth is definitely something to look forward to.

Category 4: At the End

As perpetual as you may want it, the wedding has to end. Use the following tips to your wedding plan to spice up the ending and see how memorable it becomes.

Tip #20: Make a Grand Exit

Alas, it has to end. However, there is something you should do before ending such a night. End it on a high note!!! There are many things you can do. You can have a fun and festive farewell, have some fireworks lit the sky, or make use of a confetti send-off. You will love it, your guests will love it, and do believe that the photographer and videographer would have a moment to show their skills.

Tip #21: Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are gifts you give to every guest at the reception, party, including children and entertainers. Most people are averse to this, as they believe that the couple should be the ones receiving gifts. Yet, in Canada and USA, wedding favors are becoming common.

For those who desire to include wedding favors in their wedding plan, choosing a personalized gift can make the difference. Choosing the right wedding favors depends on your budget. Examples include customized wine packaged, flip flops, cases, mugs, metallic foil playing cards, bottle openers, etc.


A memorable wedding is a result of intense planning. Therefore, when looking to have one, you need to understand several things: how to plan effectively, how to take care of yourself, and how to leave an impression in people’s minds. This article talked about several tips you can utilize in planning a memorable wedding.