Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Mar 1st 2022

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

There are just a few ways to commemorate your weddings. While many couples traditionally set up a specific station at their wedding for loved ones to sign a conventional guest book in honor of their big day, such guest books usually wind up on a bookshelf or in a storage box once the celebrations are over.

However, as more couples abandon traditional guest books, unique and practical guest book alternatives are emerging in the most creative ways, and we’re all for it.

An alternative guest book is an excellent way to capture the memories of your celebration. Also, including an alternative guest book allows you to add even more personality to your wedding.

And while there are several attractive options for standard guest books, an alternative may offer a better statement décor piece for you and yours.

The best news, the options are endless for these unique book ideas. To help inspire your choice, we've compiled a list of some of the most unique and creative ideas available. But first, here are some tips for choosing a unique guest book idea.

Top Tips for Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Think About Your Theme

Are you having trouble picking a unique alternative to a traditional guest book? You could consider your chosen wedding theme. If you're already working some motifs into your wedding decor, there could be an on-theme item to use as a guest book substitute.

If you’re getting married on a beach in Hawaii, have your guests sign a surfboard. You can later hang it in your home as a reminder of your memorable day. For puzzles and game night-loving couples, set out puzzle pieces for family and friends to autograph.

Also, Vino enthusiasts can have guests sign on wine corks or a wine bottle that they intend to open on their first anniversary. Having limitless options can be overwhelming so let your wedding theme guide your guest book idea.

Have Good-Quality Pens Handy

A good pen or marker is required. Since guests will not be writing on paper, you must be aware of the surface they will be writing on and what necessary tools to guarantee their names are legible.

If you're working with rough surfaces, such as enamel or wood, felt-tip markers, and paint pens are suitable. And while you're shopping for decent pens, keep in mind that additional items, such as an easel, may be required to complete your guest book setup.

Balance Creative and Practicality

Some ideas may seem like they would make for a great activity, but keep practicality in mind, particularly when it comes to DIY projects. . How difficult would it be for attendees to write on the item you're considering as a wedding guest book alternative?

Furthermore, is the alternative guest book something you would want to keep and hang as home decor? One advantage of a traditional guest book is that you can store it on a bookshelf. Consider your options carefully if your substitute needs to be hung on a wall or requires ample display space.

Unique Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Ready to create your alternative guest book? Here are some unique guest book ideas for inspiration.

#1: Form a Quilt

We adore this approach. Set up a sewing table and ask guests to sign on square pieces of fabric. They will enjoy the interactive activity of writing on a piece of cloth. Then, after your wedding, gather all the personalized swatches and sew the quilt yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Homemade and genuinely memorable!

#2: Make a Modern Calendar

Make the most of your first year as a married couple by planning ahead of time. We love the concept of setting up a personalized printed calendar for friends and family to sign throughout the pages. Then, as you go through your first year as a married couple, you'll open each month to letters from your loved ones.

#3: Take a Polaroid Selfie

Ask wedding guests to pose for a polaroid selfie. Then post the photographs into a book and have them handwrite personal messages. Set up a selfie station for the task, and get ready for an overload of fun and amusing selfies from your guests.

#4: Fill a Shadow Box

How about this for innovative ideas! Set up a display featuring a shadow box on an easel. Have guests write sweet notes on heart-shaped wooden pieces or other on-theme shapes. Then ask guests to place their notes in the shadow box to be read for years to come.

#5: Set up a Custom Canvas

Custom painted canvas may be used to commemorate a favorite location or vacation experience. For example, a couple getting married on Maui can have guests sign a lovely canvas illustration of the island. Utilize your wedding destination and create a stunning canvas to commemorate where you're tying the knot.

#6: Commemorate With Wine Corks

Are you a wine connoisseur? This unique guest book alternative is ideal for couples who know every variety. Have guests pen their names on corks and utilize this keepsake as a piece of décor in your new home. You can also add a bouquet for a decorative statement.

#7: Play With a Puzzle

Do you enjoy playing board games or solving puzzles? Then, why not make your favorite hobby a part of your wedding? Guests will appreciate this interactive option, where they may choose a piece to pen their name.

#8: Lend a Piece of Your Heart

Allow wedding guests to give a piece of their heart—in wooden form, of course. Set up tiny wood-carved hearts with a special box and ask guests to pen a note or sign their names on them. You may also personalize the snippets with lyrics from your first dance song or other custom options.

#9: Ask for Travel Recommendations

Perfect for jet-setting couples! Invest in a vintage globe and ask your loved ones to offer future travel recommendations along with their best wishes. You'll appreciate the opportunity to reflect on this statement piece while also receiving some travel ideas for your next travel as newlyweds.

#10: Build a Frame

A built-in frame makes it simpler to preserve your wedding day memories. Simply leave it all to your guests to add their decorative touches. We love the concept of pairing this with an instant Polaroid camera and little tags for messages. Guests can opt to perform one or both to commemorate your marriage.

#11: Repurpose a Coffee Table Book

Still want to integrate a book but want something unique? One couple chose to use a coffee table book they love, with lots of space for signatures. Open a specific page for signing, or include a custom sign with guidance on additional spots in the book where you'd love to see some notes.

#12: Sign a Record

For total music lovers! Choose your favorite record as a couple and set it up for guests to sign with paint pens. Then, when your wedding celebrations are over, have the record framed. This creative guest book idea will make a special keepsake.

#13: Mark a Map

Pay homage to your wedding destination or the place where you met your partner. A current map of the location provides an excellent post-wedding memento, and guests may sign on the margins.

#14: Ask for Adventure Ideas

Replace all congratulations messages with suggestions for future adventures. We love how one couple asked their guests to create bucket list goals for them to fulfill throughout their marriage. Set up custom signs with instructions and a vase to collect the notes,. You can even consider custom stationery to infuse a personal touch.

#15: Leave a Message in a Bottle

Revolutionize “a message in a bottle” with this one-of-a-kind choice. For coastal-themed weddings, couples can have guests write messages and place them in bottles.

Friends and family may place notes into lovely containers for the couple to read on their forthcoming anniversaries with this option.

#16: Say It With Surfboards

Are you planning a beach ceremony? One couple decided to make their love for surfing a statement piece. Use surfboards as both décor and an interactive guest book and encourage guests to sign your boards for a remarkable keepsake to take with you.

#17: Incorporate Your Love of Nature

Do you enjoy camping or hiking, or do you simply enjoy nature? Bring your passion for trees into your celebration. Set up a tree print for guests to sign and ask them to sign on each branch. We adore the concept of utilizing only one color to make the branches and leaves pop.

#18: Ask for Advice

As you become newlyweds, solicit advice or remarks from your guests. Another interactive approach we love is having guests write mini messages and then put them away in tiny envelopes. Then, every weekend, you can open a few envelopes for a fun date night adventure.

Set up envelopes and let your guests have a good time by delivering valuable advice for your first year of marriage.


A wedding guest book is typically a keepsake item that the newlywed couple can take home with them after their wedding. But it doesn’t have to be a boring book that guests and loved ones must sign.

Several inventive guest book ideas may be incorporated into your wedding theme. And these creative and unique wedding guest book ideas above are guaranteed to be a hit! Using one of these excellent ideas will provide you with a keepsake that you will treasure for the rest of your life.