Message to Heaven Candle

  • Candle for loved one in heaven measures 3"x 8"
  • Flickering LED candle takes 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Memorial candle is personalized with name & dates
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Gift Description

Immerse yourself in a moment of heartfelt connection with our Message to Heaven Candle. This elegantly crafted memorial candle serves as a poignant tribute, allowing you to send your thoughts and love to the heavens above. This personalized memorial candle symbolizes eternal love and remembrance, providing solace in times of grief.

Message to Heaven
A message sent to Heaven from your family here below.
We love you, and we miss you and want to let you know.
You'll never be forgotten Your memory yet lives on.
We celebrate your life with us even though you've gone.
Were God to grant us just one wish, then make that wish come true,
He'd send you down from heaven to spend a day or two.
And in the short time you were here you'd be so hugged and kissed,
that you would know before you go how much
you’re loved and missed.
~Ron Tranmer