Tears Picture Frame

  • Made from thick high quality glass 
  • Includes two easel legs for display 
  • Personalized with the name and dates
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Gift Description

When we lose someone, tears are inevitably shed and we miss our loved ones terribly. But, often, we find strength in knowing we’ll be reunited someday. That sentiment is reflected in this lovely “Tears” photo frame, featuring a beautiful poem about love and grief and offering room for a favorite picture of the one we miss so much. This personalized remembrance picture frame is made of clear glass with beveled edges and the photo slot.  Personalization includes the name and dates of the deceased. Poem reads;

Tears are falling from the eyes that long to see your face.
Arms that used to hug you tight
now miss your sweet embrace.

Lips long to tell you words of love,
and kiss you just once more.
Feet would like to run to
where you are past heaven’s door.

Hearts left behind are broken,
because they miss you so.
You were loved while on this earth
more than you could ever know.

Time will dry our falling tears
and our broken hearts will mend.
For as God calls us one by one
we’ll be together again..