My Child Memorial Wind Chime

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  • All aluminum construction and industrial cord
  • Adjustable striker to find the perfect tone
  • Wind chime measure 36”L with 1.25” tube diam
  • Bronze colored tubes
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Gift Description

Tears and words won’t bring that special child back, proclaims the inscription on this child memorial wind chimes, nor will memories replace the joy of being with that treasured son or daughter, no matter what age. But kindness can help ease the pain and this memorial gift for the loss of a child is a lovely way to say I care. This loss of child wind chime measures 36-inches long and includes bronze-colored tubes. Personalization on the sail includes the deceased’s name and dates. 

Poem Reads:

“A thousand words can’t bring you back, we know because we’ve tried…Neither will a thousand tears, we know because we’ve cried...You left behind our broken hearts and happy memories too…But we never wanted memories we only wanted you.”

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