Smile Memorial Granite Plaque

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  • Made from high quality black granite
  • Granite Plaque includes easel
  • Personalized granite plaque measures 5 x 7

Nothing is harder than smiling when a loved has passed. This beautiful personalized memorial plaque helps remind us to smile as we remember our loved one. The marble plaque measures 5”x7” and features a full-color print with your loved one’s name and optional birth and deceased dates along with the poem:

Goodbye family and friends.
My soul has taken flight.
I’m entering the spirit world
and, oh what a beautiful sight.
Had I but imagined
the beauty and love that is here,
I would have came more willingly,
and of death I’d have no fear.
Happiness surrounds me.
Such peace I’ve never known.
I have the strongest feeling
that I’ve returned back home.
Should you be feeling sorrow,
don’t weep too long for me.
From earthly trials and suffering
I am finally free.
Goodbye family and friends.
But only for a while.
Live out your lives in happiness,
and when you think of me…. smile.
~ Ron Tranmer
Korene Wapp Jan 16th 2018


Just shortly after placing my order I received an email to proof the engraving. I was amazed how quickly my order was completed and shipped! Great customer service as well.

Denise Russell Sep 6th 2017


This poem, Smile, was just to accurate for my daughter. Every time I read it, I tear up and smile. Her life was full of "earthly trials and suffering" and knowing she is serene in a tranquil environment has helped me to know she happy for the first time in so many years. According to a friend with special abilities explained that this poem is right on target when describing the afterlife. This has helped to better deal with her sudden, tragic death. The marble ensures me it will last for a very long time.